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Trixie Dog Bar

Product Code: T25001


Trixie Dog Bar 

This adjustable double bowl dog bar is an innovative solution for pets with limited mobility or arthritis as the height of the bowls can be adjusted to suit your pet’s needs. Raised feeding bowls also support healthy digestion. This bowl is also ideal for owners with two dogs that are different heights as it allows for two different bowl positions.

The two stainless steel bowls are secured to the metal frame with two metal clips which can easily be removed for easy cleaning. The rubber feet will prevent the bowls sliding while your pet is eating and drinking.

  • With 2 stainless steel bowls 
  • Metal stand
  • Hammer tone finished 
  • Height adjustable 
  • Correct posture supports proper digestion 
  • Allows two different bowl positions 
  • Also ideal for two dogs 
  • With bowl locking, rattle protection 
  • Height adjustable rubber feet

Size:  2 x 2.8 Litre (Diameter 24 cm), height adjustable up to 38 cm.


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