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Trixie Top Trainer Head Collar

Product Code: T13001


Trixie Top Trainer Head Collar

  • leading on snout strap to determine rank
  • safe hold without needing strength
  • the dog's eye contact, to e.g. other dogs, can be interrupted by gentle tugs
  • for training purposes, not for continuous use as a walking harness
  • colour: black


XS - Measurements: 15 cm, Neck Strap: 30-35 cm
S - Measurements: 22 cm, Neck Strap: 35-42 cm
M - Measurements: 27 cm, Neck Strap: 40-48 cm
L - Measurements: 31 cm, Neck Strap: 50-57 cm
L-XL - Measurements: 37 cm, Neck Strap: 48-60 cm
XL-Short - Measurements: 40 cm, Neck Strap: 46-58 cm
XL - Measurements: 46 cm, Neck Strap: 54-66 cm



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