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Beaphar Guinea Pig Vitamin Solution

Product Code: SH15337


Guinea Pig Vitamin Solution

Beaphar Guinea Pig Vitamin Solution is a liquid multivitamin to help deliver the recommended daily allowance. Contains a concentrate of vitamins (B,C.E and K) that are essential to the health of your pet. Also suitable for chinchillas. Add a few drops to the drinking water or mix with food to aid optimum health.

  • Complementary feed for guinea pigs and chinchillas
  • Simply add to drinking water or food
  • Concentrated multivitamin solution 

Size: 100ml


Active Ingredients: Vitamins.

Composition: Various sugars.


How to use:

Add to drinking water or food. 

  • Guinea pigs: Add 11 drops to a full, 100ml water bottle. Add 27 drops to a full, 250ml water bottle. Add 36 drops to a full, 320ml water bottle. Or add 20 drops to the food, three times each week.
  • Chinchillas: If adding to water, as for Guinea pigs.  Or add 20 drops to the food, twice each week.

Warnings: Drinking water should be replenished regularly​.


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