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Beaphar Lactol Feeding Set

Product Code: SH17671


Beaphar Lactol Feeding Set

This is the perfect partner for the Lactol range of milk powders. As well as being used for feeding puppies and kittens, the bottle can also be used for guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and rabbits. Perfect for feeding newborn and growing animals. This packahe contains a feeding bottle, six treats and a cleaning brush. It can also be used for feeding sick or recuperating adult animals. 

  • Ideal for orphaned pets and wildlife 
  • Easy to use and durable 
  • Suitable for use from birth
  • Recommended for use with the Lactol range of milk powders


  • 35 ml feeding bottle
  • Bottle brush
  • Four rubber teat


Recommended for use with Beaphar Lactol. Puncture the top of the teat with a needle or cut a small piece off the top wih a scissors. When doing this, be cautious as too large of an opening in the teat can cause gagging.

Do not allow young animals to chew on the teat. If n animal starts chewing, rather than suckling, it has finished feeding and the bottle should be withdrawn. Clean the bottle and rubber teat thoroughly after each use. 


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