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Capri Carrier Box - Grey

Product Code: T39811


Capri Box - Grey

Transport your pets safe and securely in the-Capri Carrier Box. Designed for carrying puppies, kittens, miniature breeds and small animals. Ideal for safely transporting your pets with you while travelling.

This easy to assemble dog crate, features a strong door latch and the carrier is designed to keep your dog warm and well ventilated. There is an attachment device for car seat belts. The extra air vents allow fresh air to circulate throughout the carrier. 

The removable lid allows you to comfortably lift your pet in and out of this carrier. The lid is closed securely with a double clasp lock system. Made from durable plastic that is light weight for ease when transporting. 

  • plastic
  • with handle
  • attachment device for car seat belts
  • ventilation slits for ideal air circulation


  1. 32cm (Depth) × 31cm (Height) × 48cm (Length)
  2. 37cm (Depth) × 34cm (Height) × 55cm (Length)
  3. 40cm (Depth) × 38cm (Height) × 61cm (Length)

Weight of Carrier:

  1. 1.2kg
  2. 1.8kg
  3. 2.1kg

Max Weight of Animal:

  1. Up to 6kg
  2. Up to 8kg
  3. Up to 12kg

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