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Car Harness

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Car Harness

Although it is great fun to have your furry friend riding in the passenger seat of the car, it can be very distracting and dangerous. Keep your pets safe and secure in the back of your car with this car harness and short lead seat belt.

This soft nylon harness is fully adjustable around the chest and belly. Fast and easy to put on and take off using the plastic buckles. This car harness can also be used as a leading harness.

The short lead latch locks into the seat belt buckle, securely keeping your dog in the back of your car. The short lead can be extended to the desired length to allow your pet to sit or lay on the back seats comfortably. Simple to use and easy to store. Alternate belt latches are available to purchase separately.

  • Made from durable nylon
  • Includes short lead attachment for belt buckle
  • Also suitable as a leading harness
  • Special padding and fully adjustable chest and belly straps
  • Fast and easy to put on
  • With fully adjustable short leash (not suitable for all car types, alternate latches available separately)

Colour: Black


Extra Small:

   20–50 cm

    Suitable for Yorkshire Terrier size



    Suitable for West Highland Terrier size



    Suitable for Border Collie size



    Suitable for large dogs, e.g. Labrador

Extra Large:


    Suitable for Bernese Mountain size


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