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Denta Fun Braided Sticks

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Denta Fun Braided Sticks

Satisfy your dog's impulse to chew with these tasty Denta Fun Braided Sticks ! The Denta Braided Sticks offer chewing fun with additional dental care effect.

These Braided Sticks are tougher than normal dog treats, made of thick and tough rawhide, braided with flavourful beef fillets for long chewing pleasure. The Trixie Denta Fun Braided Sticks help rub the plaque from the teeth and help support your dog's oral hygiene.

  • Made of dried rawhide and beef
  • Gluten free and 0% added sugar. 
  • Especially thick hide for longer chew pleasure
  • Complementary pet food for dogs


  • Small - 12cm - 30g
  • Large - 12cm - 85g


Meat and animal by-products (thereof 61% rawhide), corn starch, soy protein, fish and fish by-products, yeast / no added sugar / gluten-free and 0% added sugar. 


Protein:             - 70%

Crude Ash:       - 3.5%

Fat Content:     - 2.5%

Crude Fibre:     - 1.5%

Moisture:          - 16%


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