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eSHa Goldy

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eSHa Goldy - 10ml

What is GOLDY?

GOLDY is a unique formulation especially developed for cold water fish, goldfish and water turtles kept in bowls or small tanks without filters or pumps. Your fish will be happier and live a healthier life in a bowl or small tank treated with GOLDY.

What does GOLDY do?

GOLDY cleans and freshens your fishes’ water. It clears up waste and helps your fish breath easier by increasing the amount of oxygen. The water will stay healthier and cleaner for longer. GOLDY also works as a water disinfectant and prevents fungal infections and so called ‘popeye’ with turtles.  For goldfish and aquatic turtles GOLDY protects the fishes’ skinlayer and gills and activates the resistance of affected skinlayer. GOLDY prevents the origin of fungus and other, for fish and turtles, dangerous pathogens.


  • Protects your fishes skinlayer and gills.
  • Cleans and freshens the water, this will: • Help heal wounds. • Help prevent disease in Goldfish bowls.
  • Prevents so called ‘Popeye’ with turtles.

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