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eSHa Pro-Phyll - Aquatic plant food

Product Code: RC019



eSHa Pro-Phyll - 20ml -  Aquatic plant food

What is PRO-PHYLL?

Many nutrients required for healthy plant growth are not present in the aquarium. An aquarium is an ‘artificial’ environment and there- fore differs from the conditions that plants and fish are used to in the wild. PRO-PHYLL is a unique combination of nutrients and fertilisers for freshwater aquatic plants specially formulated to improve plant growth, colour and condition. PRO-PHYLL provides your plants with the nutrients they need and are used to in the wild. PRO-PHYLL has been specially formulated for easy adsorbtion by plants through their leaves and roots.

How do I know when to use PRO-PHYLL?

PRO-PHYLL should be used regularly to prevent nutrient depletion and ensure quick growth of healthy green plants. Quick growing green plants such as (Nomaphila stricta, Cabomba, Vallisneria etc.) can produce small, pale leaves. Use PRO-PHYLL to promote lush leaves and strong vegetation yet maintain rapid plant growth. LEICHT PRO-PHYLL can also be used if your plants suffer from poor growth, lack of green leaf colour (chlor- ophyll), and pale or slimy leaves. PRO-PHYLL effectively raises new or young plants whilst maintaining healthy mature vegetation.


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