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Gourmet Gold 85g

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Gourmet Gold 85g

Even the most discerning of cats will consider themselves fortunate to dine on

GOURMET Gold: a menu of savoury recipes to spoil even a sophisticated palate like yours every day with a wide choice of different flavours and taste experiences. That is why GOURMET Gold has created Chunks in Gravy recipes with meat or fish gently cooked to perfection and doused in a delicious sauce, giving you the pleasure of a fabulous and rich flavour. How can you possibly resist?

All GOURMET Gold recipes are available in an 85g can to retain the delicious taste of each recipe


  • Turkey & Duck casserole in brown sauce
  • Ocean Fish Pate
  • Chicken & Liver in Gravy
  • Beef & Gravy
  • Salmon & Chicken
  • Turkey Pate
  • Salmon and Terrine
  • Chicken Pate
  • Melting hearts with Chicken
  • Senior Pate with Beef
  • Senior Pate with Ocen Fish 7+ years



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