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Green Slow Dog Feeder

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Green Slow Dog Feeder

GREEN is an innovative way to turn you pet’s meal times into a fun and challenging game!

Slow feeding bowls help to reduce unpleasant after-effects of eating too fast. This bowl helps to reduce the risk of bloating and vomiting from eating too quickly. This bowl will prolong eating times for better digestion which results in happier and healthier dog. 

This slow feeding bowl is designed to look like a tuft of grass but also doubles as a contemporary piece of art for your home. Simply scatter the desired amount of food across the GREEN slow feeding bowl. This bowl is suitable for dry and wet food. Easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

  • Made from durable plastic
  • Contemporary design
  • Slow feeding bowl
  • Extends eating times
  • Aids in better digestion and reduces risk of bloating

Colour: Green


  • Mini – 29cm x 22.5cm x 7.3cm
  • Standard – 40cm x 29cm x 7.3 cm 

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