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Johnson's 4-Fleas House Flea Spray 'Extra Guard'

Product Code: R.F0068


Johnson's 4-Fleas House Flea Spray 'Extra Guard'

The Johnson's 4fleas Household Spray Extra Guard is a domestic insecticide to kill and protect your home from fleas brought in by your pet, therefore breaking the flea life cycle. It contains an Insect Growth Regulator for extra protection to stop the development and hatching of flea eggs for up to six months. It also kills fleas, larvae and other insects. This spray helps to protect carpets, furnishings and pet bedding for up to several months but is not for use on animals.

  • Contains an Insect Growth Regulator
  • Regulator for extra protection. Kills fleas, larvae and other insects.
  • Prevents hatching eggs developing into fleas and protects carpets, soft furnishings and pet bedding for up to 6 months.

Not for use on animals.

Size: 400ml aerosol sufficient to treat an average sized house.


Directions for use:

  1. Shake well.
  2. Remove pets and children before spraying.
  3. Spray pet bedding, carpets, rugs, upholstery, cracks, crevices, etc., in areas which animals frequent.
  4. Apply a fine mist in a sweeping motion from about 30cm (12").
  5. Spray for 8 seconds per square metre of surface, then leave the room for 30 minutes.
  6. Allow treated areas to dry, then air thoroughly before permitting pets, children, etc., to return.
  7. Wash hands and exposed skin before meals and after use.

Not for use on animals.

Use only as directed - to avoid risks to man and the environment, comply with the instructions for use.


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