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Johnson's Anti-chew Repellent

Product Code: R.F0057


Johnson's Anti-chew Repellent

Used around the home, our Anti-Chew Spray is the easiest way to deter pets from chewing on furniture and other household articles. It can even safely be used to prevent animals from chewing their own coat and interfering with wounds. Contains Bitrex a highly effective, yet completely harmless, bitter tasting substance which helps protect pets by training them not to chew or scratch household furnishings. Also protects pets from self-harm such as biting or chewing coat or fur and wound-licking. 

  • Helps deter destructive chewing
  • Deters self-harm 
  • Bitter-tasting, yet harmless to pets 
  • Contains Bitrex

Size:  150ml

*Please note, this product works extremely well but on a rare occasion some dogs/puppies may not be deterred by the taste. 


Directions:  Shake bottle before use. 

  • For use on pets: Spray lightly onto areas of pet which are being licked, bitten or chewed to excess. 
  • For use on furnishings: Spray lightly from about 30cm (12 inches) onto soft furnishings, woodwork, baskets, carpets, rugs and other household articles. Altenatively a piece of material well sprayed with Anti-Chew Training Spray may be placed on or around the article to be protected. 

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