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Johnson's Bitch Spray

Product Code: R.F0017


Johnson's Bitch Spray

Johnson's Bitch Spray contains a mixture of which help to disguise the natural oestrus odour of a bitch in Season and so discourages the unwated attention form other dogs. It is also recommended to for use in conjunction with Bitch & Deodorant Tablets. 

  • Deters unwanted attention from other dogs 
  • Helps to protect bitches in season 
  • Disguises natural oestrus using herbal oils

Size: 150ml



Shake can before use. Spray from about 30cm (12''); apply as a half second spray to each side of hind quarters, also under hind legs and base of tail. Use twice daily, particularly before exercising, when the bitch should be kept on a lead to avoid any undue risk. If possible, commense spraying 2-3 days before Season starts, and continue daily until several days after termination. Also spray around doors and gate of house. 


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