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Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Litter Tray Spray

Product Code: R.F0109


Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Litter Tray Spray

Kills germs, bacteria and viruses. Regular use keeps litter trays disinfected and hygienic, leaves a pleasant fresh fragrance. Also recommended for use with feeding bowls, pet bedding, floors, carets etc. 

  • Disinfectant for cat litter trays, feeding bowls, pet bedding etc.
  • Cleaner and deodorant 
  • Kills bacteria and viruses
  • Safe for use with cats and kittens 

Size: 500ml

Note: Do nto spray directly onto animal. 



Before use, shake bottle and turn nozzle. Thorougly remove and clean away any waste matter . Spray clean surfaces from 30cm (12'') distance. Leave for 15 minutes, wipe clean and allow to dry before filling with cat litter. Clean 'n' Safe may also be used as a cat deodorant. Whne used with food containers, drinking bowls or surfaces on which food is prepared, rinse well before reuse.  


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