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Johnson's Travel-Eze

Product Code: R.F0009


Johnson's Travel-Eze 

Johnson’s Travel-Eze tablets are a natural dietary supplement to helps to calm and soothe pets that are nervous travllers. Reduces the effect of vehicle motion and so helps dogs and cats to travel. Suitable for dogs and cats. 

These tablets are a natural supplement, containing amino acids, vitamins and minerals which help to soothe and calm nervous and hyperactove pets. They are particularly useful when pet's are travelling. 

  • Natural dietary supplement.
  • Calms and soothes nervous or anxious pets.
  • Reduces effect of motion sickness
  • Natural herbal tablets
  • Helps dogs and cats to travel 

Size: 24 tablets



Give the number of tablets as below 30 minutes before travelling. 


Bodyweight No. of Tablets
Cats and Very Small Dogs Up to 45kg 1
Cats and Small Dogs 4.5kg to 11kg 2
Medium DOgs 11kg to 23kg 4
Large Dogs 23kg to 36kg 6
Very Large Dogs Over 36kg (80lb) 8

When taking break in the middle of a long journey the dose may be repeated if desired. 


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