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Johnson's White 'n' Bright Shampoo

Product Code: R.F0152


Johnson's White 'n' Bright Shampoo

A luxury cream shampoo for dogs and cats, containing special optical brightener and conditioner. Brightens and enhances the beauty of all white and light coloured coats.

  • Specially for white and light coloured coats
  • Enhances and brightens coat  
  • Suitable for dogs and cats


  • 125ml
  • 200ml


Shake well before use. Wet coat thoroughly with warm water and apply half the mixture all over the body. Massage well into coat but use fingertips around the head, taking car eto avoid eyes, ears and mouth. Rinse and repeat with the remainder of the mixture, for good lather. Finally rinse well, towel dry, then brush and comb thoroughly. Keep pets warm after bathing.  

Dogs - Mix shampoo (50ml for medium sized dogs) into 300ml of warm water.

Cats - Mix shampoo (20ml for medium sized dogs) into 150ml of warm water.


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