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MAC's Cat VetCare Renal - Beef 100g

Product Code: M584


MAC's Cat VetCare Renal Beef 100g

Dietary complete food for adult cats with renal insufficiency to support kidney function.
It is recommended to seek the advice of a veterinarian before feeding.

Grain Free, Low protein content, No added sugar and salt, Enriched with minerals

Vet approved



Meat (33% beef, 17% chicken) and animal by-products (beef heart, beef lung, chicken hearts), potatoes (14%), minerals (1%).

Additives: Vitamin A (3a627a) 3000 IU, Vitamin D3 (E671) 200 IU, zinc as zinc sulphate, monohydrate 15 mg / kg, manganese as manganese II sulphate, monohydrate (E5) 3 mg / kg, copper as copper II sulfate, pentahydrate (E4) 0.5 mg / kg, iodine as calcium iodate, anhydrous (3v202) 0.75 mg / kg, taurine 1500 mg / kg.

Analytical constituents:

Moisture  78%
Crude fat  8.3%
Crude protein  7.4%
Crude ash  2.1%
Crude fiber  0.9%
Potassium  0.26%
Calcium  0.2%
Natrium  0.14%
Phosphorus  0.13%
Cat's weight Daily rate
2-3 kg 86-163 g
4 kg 137-198 g
5 kg 159-230 g
6 kg 80-260 g
7 kg 200-288 g
8-9 kg 218-341 g


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