Pet Carrier - L70

Product Code: R.F3344C


Pet Carrier - L70

Petstop's airline approved 'L' carriers are a great way to transport your pet in a comfortable and safe way.  The easy to assemble dog crate, features a strong door latch and the carrier is  designed to keep your dog warm but has extra air vents so fresh air can circulate.  These airline approved dog carriers are made of very strong plastic, that is robust but light weight for ease when transporting.  Inside the carrier, it is designed so that any liquid will be caught in a lowered section to keep your pet dry when in transit.  The carrier is made up of two main sections and a wire door.  The top and bottom section are held together by strong quick release clips and is secured together with wing nuts.  A water dish which attaches to the wire door is also included.  

It is recommend to contact your airline and give them your dogs measurements, before purchasing a crate. They will advise you on their requirements and the size of crate you need.

Measurements: 67cm x 51cm x 47cm


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