catit design smartsift sifting cat pan


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Product Code: 50685
  • Catit Design SmartSift Sifting Cat Pan is an eco-friendly, safe, quiet and easy manual system that does the scooping for you and takes the job of litter maintenance out.

    The Sifting Cat Pan is equipped in a lever, which activates a process that quickly and silently refreshes the litter pan. So it is collecting waste in one simple operation.

    To clean the cat litter pan, you only need to pull the lever, so easy and mess-free.
    The non-used litter is recycled back into the pan and waste clusters are ready in a collection bin for easy removal.
    To replenis the litter just open the maintenance access door and add as much as your cat need.
    SmartSift controls dust and odor. It comes with an integrated carbon filter to absorb odors inside the pan.
    SmartSift Cat Pan has a clear access window, which let you check the condition of the litter.

    Suitable for all clumping litters and cats of all sizes.

    Overall Dimensions
    26”L x 19”W x 25”H
    Internal dimensions of cat pan
    19”L x 13”W x 17”H