urine off - dog & puppy odour spray


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Product Code: TR1698
  • 'Urine Off' Dog & Puppy Odour Spray - Travel Bottle

    'Urine Off' is the Vet recommended product for pet urine odour and stain removal. In the past, pet urine odour and stains were nearly impossible to eliminate. Now, with Urine Off, you can permanently eliminate your pet’s urine odour and stains from virtually any surface, especially carpets, sofa's and soft furnishings.  Urine Off uses a combination of naturally occurring micro-organisms and enzymes to digest the uric acid crystals (which produce urine’s pungent aroma) as well as urea (the sticky substance in urine) and proteins (which promote pathogen growth).

    This naturally effective cleaning product uses biological ingredients including enzymes and bacteria to remove urine stains and bad smells. Urine Off Odour and Stain remover will even treat old urine stains, without leaving any residue behind, and it is safe to use around humans and animals.

    Key Benefits:

    • Removes the smell of urine from furniture and any surface.
    • Doesn't mask or overwhelm the odour.
    • Destroys the bacteria which generates the smell.
    • Two sprays is all that is needed.

    Bottle Size:

    • 118ml - Travel size spray bottle
    • 500ml - Spray bottle 
    • 3.78L - Container

    *Always read the label before use. Do not spray directly onto your pet. Test on an inconspicuous area first.

  • Usage instructions:

    • Always do a patch test on a small concealed area of fabric or carpet before using the product.
    • Do not use in combination with other cleaners or carpet shampoos.
    • If possible, soak up any remaining urine before treating the stained area.
    • Soft surfaces (upholstery, carpets): Thoroughly soak the urine stained area (and any underlying materials) in Urine Off and allow time to dry. Repeat if necessary. Rinse the treated area with fresh water and dry with a cloth.
    • Hard surfaces: Spray the area generously with Urine Off and allow the product to dry. Wipe any drips with a cloth or paper towel. Once dried, wipe the area with fresh water.
    • Washable items: Soak the stain with Urine Off and allow to work for around 15-30 minutes. Wash the item. In cases of extreme staining, seal the treated item in a plastic bag and allow the product to take effect overnight before washing the item.
    • Litter Trays: Clean and dry the litter tray as usual. Spray the litter tray with Urine Off and then allow the product to work for 30 minutes. Dry with a paper towel.
    • Time needed for the product to take effect:
      • In the case of fresh stains a few minutes is usually enough for the product to work.
      • For older stains cover the treated area with clingfilm and allow the product to work overnight. Remove the clingfilm and allow the area to air-dry. Once the area has dried, reapply Urine Off and give it a few minutes to take effect. Multiple applications may be required to treat stubborn stains.

    CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes, skin and open wounds. Do not use as an air freshener. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT SPRAY NEAR HUMANS OR ANIMALS!

    First Aid advice:
    In the event of contact with eyes: Rinse eyes immediately with lots of water and hold the eyelids open. If irritation persists, consult your doctor. In the event that the product has been inhaled: Move to another room to avoid the spray. In the event of contact with skin: Wash the area with soap and water. In the event that the product is swallowed: Advise the person to spit out any product still in the mouth and then drink lots of milk or water Consult a doctor if you notice any adverse effects.