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Tetra SafeStart

Product Code: RC043


Tetra SafeStart

Makes it possible to introduce fish immediately after setting up a new aquarium. The live bacteria contained within Tetra SafeStart instantly creates a biologically active habitat.

  • Speeds up the settling-in time instantly after setting up a new aquarium
  • Avoids a toxic nitrite peak
  • Prevents fish losses
  • Reduces harmful ammonia and nitrite levels
  • Application: For new fish stocking, after medications, water changes and all bacteria losses
  • For healthy fish in all freshwater aquariums

​Sizes: 50ml, 100ml & 250ml


Shake well before use. Add 2.5 ml per 10 litres of aquarium water every week.
It is important to use Tetra EasyBalance weekly in order to extend the time until the next water change.

Note: The light-coloured denitrifying granules are visible in the product and sink to the bottom of the tank. They are harmless to fish, even if ingested.
Make sure there is a sufficient supply of oxygen by using a Tetra APS air pump.
Tetra EasyBalance is not a tap water conditioner. Use Tetra AquaSafe whenever you add new tap water.


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