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Trixie Cooling Dumbbell

Product Code: 33694


Trixie - Cooling Dumbbell

The Trixie cooling ball is a summer essential! This cooling dumbbell absorbs water and then releases the water when the bone is chewed.  Can also be placed in the freezer, when wet and can be used to cool your dog down on hot days.  

  • thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
  • robust and durable
  • absorbs water
  • water leaks out through little holes when chewed
  • to make it extra refreshing simply freeze dumbbell
  • also for puppies: eases teething

We are sure your dog will love this dog toy but please remember that no dog toy is indestructible and every dog interacts with their toys differently. We strongly recommend supervised play, regular inspections of the toys and removal of any damaged toys.


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