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Trixie Puppy Toilet Training Drops

Product Code: 2934


Trixie Puppy Toilet Training Drops

This specially formulated spray helps to train puppies to urinate in appropriate areas. For effective house training of puppies. Apply drops of solution onto puppy training pads to encourage toilet training. The odour makes it easier for the dog to find the place to relieve himself. 
  • Helps toilet train puppies
  • Easy to use
  • To drip/spray on hygiene pad

Size: 50ml



Apply 2-3 drops of House Trianing solution onto the hygienic pad or newspaper and place this near the dog's mat. Place the puppy on the map directly after eating or drinking until your puppy has relieved himself. Put new drops freshly after each use and move a little closer to the door each time. Later place the hygienic pad or newspaper outside your home to encourage your pet to relieve themself outside your home. 


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