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Valerian Pillow for Cats

Product Code: 45720


Valerian Pillow for Cats

Just like catnip, Valerian is a safe herb that attracts and simulates all types of cats.   This colourful toy pillow makes the cats happy and calm but also playful.  The pillow made from cotton is lightweight but also strong. 

Valerian is also used to help relax  your cat during stressful situations such as firework season and other events.  Most cats either get ecstatic and power themselves out or calm down and relax while “enjoying a timeout” with their Valerian pillow.   On occasion these beneficial effects remain even long after you’ve taken the toys away.

This product contains a slight smell that your cats will love. 

Available colour (pattern may vary):

  • Pink
  • Blue

Size: 7 × 9 cm


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